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Looking Upward With Unfailing Hope
One More Year
Press On and Press In
The God of Abundance
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Looking Upward With Unfailing Hope

Hello to you and Happy New Year.  I really felt impressed to share a blog.  I only want to write a blog when I feel the Holy Spirit has prompted me or given me something to say.
I have titled this blog" "Looking Upward with Unfailing Hope."  I believe God wants to encourage, you, to look upward as this new year progresses. The world may be sending a very bleak and hopeless message through the media, social network; you name it. 

But, no matter what happens, God is still the true "Commander and Chief" of this vast universe.

One More Year

     I doubt if very many people really read blogs.  But, just in case, I want to say hello!!   Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.  If  you are among those who have no immediate family and are feeling lonely as this time of year emerges, remember, you are seen, thought of, and loved  by our Heavenly Father. 

     May He surround you with His unfailing love, always.

    God bless you.  


Press On and Press In

It is Blog Time!

I encourageYOUtopress onandpress in. Presson throughallthe discomfort and pain.Pressin toallof  God's best.  Yes, God has the bestfor you.  It is yet to come, but it is on the way.  I believe this is a"special"word for someone.  Please knowthat God has not overlooked or forgotten you.  Sometimes you have feel distant and alone, but you are not.  Soon,you will hear the whisper of  your name as God speaks to you.  It will be a sweet, tender, pure, and piercing voice.

The God of Abundance

Recently, the Ministry had reached a low point.  There was no money left in the Outreach Fund or food in the pantry.  We closed down for several weeks to pray and allow God to do what He does best!

After posting pictures of the empty freezers and shelves, several wonderful people responded and came to our rescue.  A few days following, a truck came into town with a truck load of food for us.  The following week, a local church gave us their truck load of canned food.

God has placed us in "overflow.

Time is Running Out

It is time to say hello.  I especially thank all of you who read my posts.  As I said in the past, I do not post until I feel God wants me to share.  

Time is precious and should never be taken for granted of wasted.  If you are still searching for peace and contentment; you are wasting your time.  If you are still angry from events or hurts from the past; you are wasting your time.  If you are still trying to decide if you should  give your life to Jesus Christ as your Savior; you are wasting your time.


Greetings to you.  I am not a regular blog post person, but from time to time I feel God would have me post something to ponder.  I recently posted a thought on Facebook.  It centered around the family.  I shared these words:  I feel a special sense of gratitude for my family.  All nine of them, including my nieces and nephews (who I claim as my own).  We share a special bond that goes beyond our differences and disputes.  Being different is a blessing (no one on earth can take YOUR place).

A Time to say: "Thank You"

A Time to Say Thank You!!!

As we reflect upon this time of year, with the official Thanksgiving Day having past, it is now time to look toward the celebration of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.  As we think of  HIS LOVE AND FORGIVENESS, it is important for each of  us to remember those whom we love or appreciate; and say THANK YOU!!  If there are reasons to extend forgiveness, please take a moment to do so.  Time is of essence; tomorrow or next Christmas is not promised.

Prayers Keep Me Going

Prayers are what keep me going each and every day.  I believe when I pray, God hears. I seek Him for direction and instruction so that each day will be well spent.  When YOU pray, He will hear; when you seek Him with your whole heart in a sincere way.  Being able to pray to God, is not for a selected few, but for of all those who have put their faith in Him and given their hearts to Him.  

I encourage you....pray to Him....He will hear.

Thank YOU for YOUR prayers.  They go a long way.

Peace, Hope, & Trust

It has been a while since I have shared a blog.  Frankly, a lot has happened.  Some good and some not so good.  But, through it all, God has proved Himself faithful.  Each day, it is so important to remain HOPEFUL.  Every day current events can be discouraging and depressing, but HOPE still dispels the clouds of doubt that often come.

 If you are feeling hopeless, depressed, or discouraged; look up, stand up, and cheer up.  You may be saying: "you don't know what I am facing or what I am going through.

Change Is On The Way

So much is happening around our community and world that it is so easy to lose hope of anychange.  But,changeis on the way!!!! Our economy may not get better, crime may not decrease, and we may not get all from life that we would have wanted; butchangeis on the way!!!!  God is calling the Body of Christ together in unity to become the strength of our communities and ultimately, the world.  The "church" can be that place where you can find comfort, friendship,  peace, and be